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    About US

    Tianjin Tong Jie high pressure pump manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1990, is a brand dedicated to the application of high pressure water jet market, with the intellectual crystallization of the field for nearly twenty years. Self accumulation and rolling development have created a new mode for the development of high pressure pump industry in China.

    The series high pressure pumps produced by the company are high pressure hydroelectric equipment commonly used in modern industry. They are widely used in coal, mine, metallurgy, phosphorus removal, high pressure water jet cleaning, railway, basic engineering, ship cleaning and rust removal, construction, automobile and petrochemical, transportation, water conservancy and hydropower, national defense, municipal sanitation and various kinds of rubber pipes. Metal pipe, oil well drilling equipment, pressure testing pump and so on.

    Main products: high pressure pump and its automation system, high pressure cleaning machine, ultra high pressure cleaning machine, high-power high pressure pump group, pipe dredger, descaling system, high pressure oil injection machine, pressure test system, various high pressure water actuators.

    • Core Values

      The best of men is like water. Tongjie’s products benefit all things. Learn the characters of water, do the goodness as water. Continuous innovation in technology to provide users with high quality products and services.

    • Spirit

      Technological innovation, precise manufacturing.

    • Strategies

      “Tong Zhi Yuan, Jie Tian Xia”. We are committed to build brand "Tongjie" into the first brand in China's high-pressure cleaning industry and the world famous brand.

    • Tenets

      Be professional, precise and strong in high-pressure pump field, industry leading,the world famous.

    • Talent

      Everyone in the proper position and do their best. Pay attention to the training of knowledge and skills, introduce domestic and foreign high-end technical personnel.

    • Sales

      Continuously develop application areas, gradually segment the market, and consolidate and expand the clienteles and market.

    • Sales

      Scientific management, keep improving.