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    The 750TJ5 high-pressure pump


    The 750TJ5 high-pressure pump is an ultra-high pressure, high-flow reciprocating plunger pump developed by our company and American Jetech company. This type pump  is simple in structure, stable in operation and convenient in maintenance. This series of pumps achieves bothultra-high pressure and large flow rate, which are  leading technologies in domestic industry and it belongs our patented product.

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    Power end:

    The electrical engine drives the high speed shaft through a pair of herringbone gears to transfer the torque to the crankshaft while reducing the speed. The crankshaft converts the rotating motion into reciprocating motion through the connecting rod mechanism, and the plunger is driven by the crosshead device to complete working cycles.

    Liquid end:

    When the plunger moves back under the driving crankshaft, the volume of the inner cavity of the pump gradually increases while the pressure decreases, then a negative pressure is formed, and the drain valve is closed. Due to the pressure difference, the inlet valve opens and the liquid enters into the working chamber. When the plunger continues to move to the return stroke limit position, the suction process is finished and the working chambers full filled with liquid. When the plunger moves forward, the working chamber volume gradually decreases while the pressure increases, the inlet valve closes and the drain valve opens, then the liquid is discharged from the discharge passage. When the plunger reaches the end point, the working chamber has the smallest volume and the largest pressure. The plunger continuously reciprocates, and the suction and discharge processes are alternately repeated, and the high pressure liquid is continuously discharged from the drain passage.

    Cooling and lubrication system:

    The gear oil pump runs with the high speed shaft, and the lubricating oil in the power end casing is sucked out to be cooled down through the heat exchanger, and then pass through the filter. The filtered low-temperature lubricating oil enters the crankshaft, bearing bush and other parts that need lubrication. The excess lubricating oil passes through the check valve and returns to the power end casing.

    Profile and dimensions:

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